Cockroaches are attracted to some pretty gross stuff. If you open the lid to trash that has been sitting for three weeks, it's going to drive you to run from it as the odor hits your nose. But that strong odor isn't unpleasant to roaches. They're drawn to it. That's why you can find roaches crawling around in dumpsters, trash cans, and other garbage storage units. You can also find them on compost heaps, dead animals that have been sitting in the sun, and the walls of sewer culverts. When roaches get into Phoenix properties, they are considered a medical concern because they tend to be very dirty insects, and are able to spread harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, and other harmful organisms. Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to help you get control of roaches in your Phoenix property.

Step 1: Sanitation

If you're finding roaches, the first step is to get things as clean as possible. This will make it more difficult for cockroaches to spread harmful bacteria and make the environment inside your home less habitable.

  • Put kitchen trash in sealed containers, and remove trash before odors develop.
  • Clean dishes when you dirty them or put them in soapy water. Keep in mind that cockroaches can access dirty dishes inside a dishwasher.
  • Deep clean around appliances regularly, particularly your oven.
  • Clean your drains to remove organic build-up.
  • Clean your floors and vacuum your rugs routinely.

Store your toothbrush in a protective container until your cockroach infestation has been addressed; this won't help to get rid of roaches but it will help prevent illness.

Step 2: Protect Food Sources

While roaches will be drawn to decaying organic matter inside your home, they'll also feed on food sources you or your pets feed on. Here are a few ways you can protect food and limit access to food.

  • Keep food covered when not attended.
  • Store pantry foods in sealed containers.
  • Store fruit in the fridge, rather than on display.
  • Pick pet food up after mealtimes, and never leave food overnight.
  • Thoroughly clean your couch and other furniture that might have crumbs.
  • Consider limiting your eating to the kitchen and dining room.

Step 3: Address Moisture And Humidity

When Phoenix cockroaches get into your home, some will need high levels of humidity in order to stay. They'll gravitate to humid spaces, like your bathroom. Everything you do to reduce moisture will help to make your home too dry for some cockroach species.

  • Take the time to repair that leaky faucet you've been putting off.
  • Repair plumbing issues, such as a slight leak in your garbage disposal unit.
  • Install fans, ventilation ducts, or dehumidifiers in spaces that stay humid.
  • Use your fan when you take a bath, or while showering.
  • Consider taking baths or showers in the morning to prevent droplets of water from lingering into the night when cockroaches are active.
  • For added protection, you may consider wiping showers or bathtubs after use.

Step 4: Seal Pathways And Limit Access

A caulking gun is a powerful tool in the war on cockroaches. It can help you take care of many pathways roaches may use. Here are a few examples:

  • Seal the gap around pipes that come in under your kitchen or bathroom sinks.
  • Seal gaps around the interior of doors and windows.
  • Seal gaps around the exterior of doors and windows.
  • Fill in holes that have been created by wood rot or wood-destroying organisms.
  • Seal gaps around any foundation penetrations, such as wire conduits or water mains.
  • Apply a seal between sole plates and your foundation.

Step 5: Alter The Exterior Habitat

Cockroaches can hitchhike into your home, but most of the time they find their way inside from your yard. If you alter conditions around your home, you can make it less habitable for cockroaches.

  • Maintain clean trash receptacles and store trash in covered containers. Remove trash weekly to prevent odors from developing.
  • Clean any items that are meant for recycling. If you have dirty bottles or cans in your garage, the scent will lure roaches to the interior of your home.
  • Remove organic material around your foundation perimeter. These create a dampened habitat underneath that is attractive to roaches.
  • Address any exterior moisture issues, such as clogged gutters, broken plumbing, and excessive landscape watering.
  • Store fertilizer away from your home.
  • Pick up dog droppings in your yard.

Cockroach Control

If you need direct control of cockroaches in Phoenix, the best solution is to contact Overson Pest Control. Our team can develop a treatment plan to fully address your infestation, and provide you with options for ongoing cockroach control if you need it. Connect with us today and tell us about your roach problem. We can help!

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