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Stinging insect control In Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Phoenix during the summertime, then you’re probably no stranger to bees, wasps, and hornets. While stinging insects are most common during the warmer months of the year, arising in spring and fading in fall, the climate in the Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale areas allows them to stay active for longer than in other parts of the country. 

Stinging insects can ruin outdoor gatherings and put your family at risk. Luckily, no matter when stinging insects strike, Overson Pest Control technicians have the tools and training required to eliminate stinging insect infestations quickly and completely. Contact us today and take back your home and yard!

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Stinging Insect Removal Services From Overson Pest Control

If you’ve started seeing bees, wasps, or hornets buzzing around your yard, they’ve likely established a nest somewhere on your property, usually in trees, in the ground, or occasionally on the exterior of your home itself.

Stinging insect removal services from Overson Pest Control are the perfect way to combat these pests. Our experts understand the biology and habits of bees, wasps, and hornets, and can use this knowledge to create a customized solution for your home that addresses stinging insect activity wherever it may be present. 


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Stinging Insect Removal Process


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When you call us to schedule service, we’ll arrange a date to visit your home and perform treatment. In some cases, one of our technicians will need to inspect your property for signs of stinging insect activity. Typically, an inspection is not required, but we’re happy to make the trip if you’re uncertain of your property’s situation.


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Our technicians will use products that are tough on stinging insects but safe for your home and property to eliminate any and all wasps, bees, and hornets present. During service, we'll remove any nests we find during the inspection. (Note that complete nest removal may require an additional inspection.)


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In most cases, we can fully eliminate stinging insects from your property during our initial service visit. However, while stinging insect control most of the time requires only a single visit, we will make return visits for any hives that need to be removed. We offer a 30-day warranty with a pest-free guarantee: if stinging insects come back within the warranty period, we’ll come back to take care of the issue, free of charge.

How Do I Control Bees In My Yard?

Controlling bees in your yard is a delicate task, but Overson Pest Control is equipped to assist you effectively. While preventive measures like eliminating food sources and potential nesting sites are beneficial, these steps might not be enough for persistent bee problems. Our team offers professional bee control services, specializing in identifying the specific type of bees inhabiting your space and employing targeted strategies to remove or relocate them safely. We focus on creating a comprehensive approach that addresses both the immediate issue and long-term prevention, ensuring your yard is a peaceful, enjoyable space for you and your family. Rely on our expertise and dedication to maintaining a bee-free environment in your outdoor living areas.

Can Pest Control Get Rid Of Bees?

Yes, Overson Pest Control can effectively rid your property of bees with our experienced team. Our trained specialists are equipped with advanced techniques to accurately identify, remove, and prevent future bee infestations. Understanding the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem, we aim to apply strategies that safeguard both these pollinators and your living space. Rely on our extensive knowledge and commitment to provide a comprehensive solution to your bee problem, ensuring your home and yard remain a safe, serene environment. Trust in Overson Pest control for long-term relief and peace of mind.

Can You Call Animal Control For Bees?

While animal control may not specialize in bee removal, Overson Pest Control is your dedicated expert for all bee-related concerns. Our highly trained team possesses the specific knowledge and advanced tools required to address bee infestations safely and effectively. We provide comprehensive services encompassing thorough inspections, professdional removal, and robust preventive strategies to ensure your property is safeguarded against unwanted bees and other stinging insects. With a focus on thoroughness and customer satisfaction, we are committed to ensuring that your living space remains secure and comfortable. Trust in our expertise to protect your home from these unwelcome visitors.

Stinging insects we can treat

Our team is familiar with all of the stinging insects that call Phoenix home, including where they’re most active, what attracts them, and the most important areas we need to address in order to ensure a fully effective treatment.

We can help you get rid of:

  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Bees (Including Africanized Bees)

Contact us today and find out how you can take the sting out of summer with professional pest control services from the experts at Overson Pest Control. 


Is your property overrun with stinging insects? We can help!

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