Five Easy Ways To Keep Ants Out Of Your Phoenix, AZ Home

fire ants crawling on a dining room table

Insects and creatures don’t let up from trying to access your Phoenix home. Should they be successful, they are liable to reproduce with speed in large numbers. Killing them won’t be easy, and many are very formidable. Several species have immunity against pesticides and similar products. Smaller critters are sometimes especially challenging to confront because they’re harder to see and track. No matter the size, they can turn everything upside down. Your residence, personal effects, and lawn can be ruined. On top of that, your health and vitals might suffer. In many cases, creepy crawlers cultivate sickness with germs. Ants are no exception.

Ants seem to always be around human dwellings. Due to this, people often think of them to be harmless. The truth is that they’re not innocent. They are covered in bacteria, which can lead to the tainting of food and surfaces. It’s possible to contract an illness or condition. A few local subclasses cause issues beyond that. Check out these five prevention tips from Overson Pest Control.

Tip #1 Reflect On Repairs

Ants can get past holes of all sizes because of how flexible their bodies are. Given this, you must close up gaps in windows, doors, walls, and foundations. Utilities shouldn’t be left out. Caulk can be useful. You’ll also need to survey your sweeps and screens. If they aren’t intact, replace them. Install some if you don't have any. It would be best if you fixed leaks and other moisture fractures right away. Ants are strongly attracted to water and dampness.

Tip #2 Keep Your Yard In Mind

If ants aren’t anywhere else, they’ll be on the lawn. It’s just a matter of time before they show up inside your domicile. Mowing your grass regularly can reduce populations, and so can trimming the greenery. However, plants and flowers will still need to be distanced from the property. Two feet or more will be suitable. Any organic debris you come across should be discarded. The natural, overgrown, and rotting matter is a big draw for ants, especially for the carpenter and fire species.

  • Carpenter Ants: These bugs are ½ of an inch long or smaller. Most are black-colored, but there’s an array of shades. You may see red, orange, tan, brown, reddish-black, or yellow. Winged swarmers exist in their colonies. Like termites, they’ll create nests and tunnels in wood.
  • Fire Ants: This group is 0.06 to 0.20 of an inch long. At the bottom of their reddish-brown bodies are black stingers. Skin inflammation, burning, pain, and allergic reactions are the result of their pricks. Sweating and nausea are signs of seeking medical attention. Fire ants spoil lawns with their dirt mounds. They also ravage landscaping, plants, and grass sod.

Tip #3 Lock Up Food And Garbage

Put edible fare and trash in canisters with secure lids. On a routine basis, clean the kitchen and wash your dishes with detail. Take the garbage out frequently; try not to let bags sit for a long period. Vacuum carpeting often to get crumbs up. Ants are one of many pests to survive on small quantities of food.

Tip #4 Don’t Waste Money On Pesticides

Instead of wiping ants out, commercial goods tend to incite colonies to spread out around your land. Plus, they can be hazardous or noxious.

Tip #5 Contact Overson Pest Control

The expert technicians at Overson Pest Control will accurately identify ant types and locate their settling zones to choose the right treatment; we will also note other vulnerabilities. Our industrial-grade home pest control solutions are safe. Options include odorless interior products and baits. Recurring visits and guarantees are available. Call today for a free quote!