What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Crickets In My Phoenix Home?

cricket on tile floor

Crickets are tough, hearty insects that have a knack for survival. They can jump extremely well for their size and survive in various environments. Crickets are highly alert insects that can detect danger approaching from considerable distances away and can move quickly to avoid it. They have a wide, varied diet that allows them to find nutrition anywhere they live. If you are dealing with jumping crickets in your Phoenix home, Overson Pest Control can help.

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What Are Crickets?

Crickets are closely related to grasshoppers. Their name comes from the French word criquet,' which refers to the sound they make when courting. There are hundreds of different types of crickets, and most of them live approximately 90 days on average. They are generally nocturnal and tend to be more active at night. Where cockroaches are low and wide, crickets have a tall profile. They have medium-length antennae that arch above their heads and large back legs that they use to jump considerable distances for their size. Crickets are omnivorous and can survive on a wide variety of food sources.

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Is It Dangerous To Have Crickets In My House?

Crickets are not dangerous to humans. They are not venomous, nor do they bite or sting. Although crickets have been associated with the spread of some diseases, they're not considered a major vector in the insect world. Overall, crickets can be considered nuisance pests. They can cause damage to your home, however. Crickets have a wide and varied diet, and some of the things they like to eat include fabric and upholstery. If crickets persist in your house long enough, they can cause considerable damage to things like wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic fabrics.

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Why Do I Have Crickets In My Home?

Several things can draw crickets to your house, such as:

  • Light: Leaving lights on outside at night can attract crickets to your home.
  • Food: Crickets can be drawn to your house by the easy availability of food sources.
  • Shelter: Crickets are drawn to quiet, well-protected areas and will especially seek them out in cold weather.
  • Warmth: Crickets will often enter homes in cool weather while seeking the heat and protection they offer.
  • Moisture: Crickets need a lot of water to survive and try to situate themselves close to water sources. Crickets will be attracted if your house has leaks or moist areas inside.

These are some reasons why crickets may be attracted to your home. If you are dealing with crickets, get in touch with Overson Pest Control. We know how to keep crickets away and can help you with yours.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Crickets In My House?

Crickets can make their way inside your home unexpectedly, and DIY home pest control methods do not work well on them. Thankfully, Overson Pest Control professionals know all about cricket habits and behaviors and know how to not only get rid of them but to keep them away afterward.

Call us today for help with crickets.