The Trick To Keeping Wasps Away From Your Phoenix Property


Wasps can be a nightmare to deal with on your Phoenix property due to their aggressive nature and fearless stinging. Wasp prevention in Phoenix can help you deter these pests, but true infestations of all types of wasps in Phoenix need to be met with professional wasp removal tactics.

What Do Wasps In Phoenix Look Like? 

There are several types of wasps in Phoenix that you should be keeping an eye out for. It is important to remember that all types of wasps in Phoenix can be quite aggressive. Receiving multiple stings from any of these types of wasps may warrant immediate medical attention, especially if you have a history of allergies to insect stings.

  • Yellow jackets are the most easily recognized wasp type with a yellow and black striped body. They prefer to build their nests underground or in hidden areas.
  • Mud daubers have a skinnier body, ranging in color from black and blue to yellow, and build their nests out of mud.
  • Paper wasps are exceptionally aggressive with black or brown bodies and yellow markings. Their nests have a comb pattern and are built under eaves.

How Dangerous Are Wasps In Phoenix? 

Wasps in Phoenix can be quite dangerous, especially if an invasion is left to grow out of control and these pests start to take over your yard. Wasps are some of the more aggressive stinging insects out there, so if you accidentally come near their nests or they feel threatened, they will sting. These stings can trigger allergic reactions in some, and a large number of attacking wasps may sting an individual and trigger anaphylaxis whether allergy issues are present or not. 

Because of the aggressive, dangerous nature of wasps, wasp nest removal in Phoenix and professional wasp removal tactics provided by Overson Pest Control are essential. 

Natural Wasp Prevention Tips For Phoenix Properties 

Wasp prevention in Phoenix is vital in keeping these pests off your property naturally. The following prevention steps can deter a wasp infestation from starting in the first place.

  1. Remove food sources around your property such as unsealed trash, outdoor food, and fallen fruit that may be rotting. Wasps are especially attracted to anything with sugar, so be sure to clean up any drink spills that happen around your home. Additionally, make sure compost piles are protected so wasps can't get into them.
  2. To deter wasps from entering certain areas of your property, plant flowers and other foliage that they dislike around your foundation or outdoor porch, including plants like wormwood, marigold, mint, basil, and geraniums.
  3. Cover any holes in the ground around your property as these are prime wasp nest locations. You should also remove any yard debris like tree stumps and keep grass trimmed low.
  4. Seal up entry points around your house, such as gaps in windows, doors, and the foundation, to prevent wasps from entering. Also, keep exterior doors and windows closed as much as possible.

The Safest Form Of Wasp Control In Phoenix 

If wasp prevention tactics aren't enough or you are experiencing an ongoing wasp infestation around your Phoenix property, you should contact the professionals at Overson Pest Control. Our experts can assist you with wasp nest removal in Phoenix and provide you with more advice and assistance to protect your property from these pests.