Why Wasps Invade Phoenix Yards And How To Keep Them Out

wasp on a picnic table in phoenix

You may have a gorgeous home and yard, but having wasps flying around can make even the most beautiful property unenjoyable. No one wants to spend time in a place where they may be stung. If you have a wasp problem, at a minimum, you will be annoyed or frightened by these stinging insects. In the worst case scenario, wasp stings can lead to a life-threatening medical crisis. This is more common than you may think with wasps.

Wasps are a type of stinging insect. When wasps sting, they release venom into their victim which can have varied effects on humans and domestic animals. Since these pests thrive in nature, it can be very difficult to manage them, but by learning more about wasps and what attracts them, you’ll discover how best to prevent them. Furthermore, you’ll learn how Overson Pest Control can assist you in eliminating Phoenix wasps.

How Do Phoenix Wasps Behave? What Are the Risks?

Paper wasps and their multiple subspecies are the dominant wasp species in our area. Growing up to 1 inch long, these insects have brown bodies with yellow markings and black wings. Given these attributes, they are often mislabeled as bees. However, their frames are distinctly more slender, elongated, and narrow which helps to distinguish them from bees. Since paper wasps prefer to nest in sheltered areas, you’ll often see them near structural voids, roof eaves, window sills, and door frames. If you spot even one of these wasps, an infestation is most likely underway.

Typically, paper wasps enter buildings by exploiting gaping windows and doors or openings in foundations. Their nests are constructed using their saliva melded with plant matter. It looks like paper when it’s dried, hence the name of these insects. Their alternate “umbrella wasp” title is inspired by their nest’s unique shape. You likely won't be able to see inside these papery nests as the casing will be extremely thick. What distinguishes one stinging insect from another could be their appearance, behavioral patterns, or their nests. For paper wasps, it’s the latter.

Two useful things to know about wasps are:

  1. How They Can Help: The earth’s ecosystem is sustained in part by the feeding and pollination habits of wasps.
  2. How They Can Hurt: Wasps can sting you multiple times. These stings often cause pain and skin inflammation. In some cases, severe reactions and allergic responses may occur that warrant medical attention.

How Can You Prevent Phoenix Wasps?

Once wasps have built a nest on your land, it will be very challenging to get rid of them. With that in mind, it’s important that you focus on taking preventative measures on your property before those wasps move in. While you can’t dictate the elements of nature, you can address specific issues around your home and yard that will be impactful:

  • Cut the grass and trim back greenery regularly. Make sure you fill any ground holes and remove organic debris as well. 
  • Place flowers two feet from the exterior of your home and try to avoid over-planting them. 
  • Use repellent plants like citronella and eucalyptus for gardens. 
  • Clean vents and gutters on a routine basis.  
  • Store food and garbage in secure containers with tight lids.
  • Clean roof eaves and patios routinely.
  • Don’t leave food out, especially sugary foods and drinks.
  • Call Overson Pest Control to get rid of any insects that wasp eat that could attract them to your property.

What Can Overson Pest Control Do About Phoenix Wasps?

Even a seemingly abandoned wasp nest may still have a wasp or two inside. Do not attempt to remove these nests yourself; it’s too dangerous and just not worth the risk. Stay away from over-the-counter sprays and other DIY wasp control items too as they are either ineffective or toxic and unsafe to use. If you need a wasp nest removed, contact us at Overson Pest Control; we have potent products that won't harm humans or pets. Our wasp control services include triple barrier treatments to protect your property from stinging insects. Money-back guarantees and next-day services are available! Request your free quote today or give us a call to learn more about our Phoenix pest control services.