What To Do About Bees Around Your Phoenix Property

close up of a bee

The Phoenix area is home to various types of bees, wasps, and hornets during the warmer months. Because of the prolonged heat in the spring and fall, many species are active for longer periods than in other areas of the country. Stinging insects can ruin outdoor gatherings and put your family at risk, particularly among those with allergies to them.

Do all bees make honey? No. The majority of honey is made exclusively by honey bees.

What do you do for a bee sting? In the majority of cases, people that experience a bee sting with not have an allergic reaction and notice only minor symptoms; however, some individuals may require assistance from a medical professional.

Is your property being invaded by bees or other stinging insects? Contacting a professional for bee pest control near you is recommended, as they know how to control bees in Phoenix.

Phoenix Bees Benefit The Environment

Bees play a role in the environment as pollinators and promote the existence of flowers and many other plants. Honey bees are also producers of honey, which is a product that generates millions of dollars in the U.S. economy.

Bees In Phoenix Can Become A Nuisance

Bees are often uninvited guests at picnics, barbeques, and other outdoor activities. Once stinging insects establish a nest on the premises, they can transition from merely being a nuisance to potential danger. For example, wasps often built nests below roof overhangs, in trees or shrubs, or other locations where they might be encountered.

Others build nests below ground, which can pose a concern to those walking through the yard area if they accidentally trample through a nest.
These pests live together in large colonies, meaning that your property can quickly be home to hundreds or thousands of troublesome creatures.

DIY Bee Removal In Phoenix Is Dangerous

Many property owners attempt to take matters into their own hands by purchasing do-it-yourself home treatment options for eliminating these pests. Unfortunately, many of these sprays, foggers, traps and other store-bought options are ineffective in completely ousting large colonies.
Each year, many individuals who try these products are stung, sometimes multiple times.

What do you do for a bee sting? Try to remove the stinger from the skin if it can be seen. Next, wash the area well using soap and water and use a cold compress to minimize pain or swelling.

Do all bees make honey? Bees first must gather nectar from flowers, which are later brought back to the nest. Next, other bees begin chewing on the substance, and it transitions to honey.

The Right Way To Deal With Bees In Phoenix

It is important for area homeowners to regularly inspect their property for any potential nesting sites. This is an effective means of limiting the development of the problem before it becomes very large.

Property owners are encouraged to contact an expert for bee pest control near your home or business. Bees, wasps, and hornets are potential threats that are best dealt with by licensed pest control professionals.

Leading Pest Control Company

Overson Pest Control is a local and family-owned organization that has been eradicating pests in this region for many years. Beyond stinging insects, we also will safely and effectively oust ants, rodents, spiders, and many other bothersome and potentially dangerous pests.

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