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What To Know About Common Phoenix Cockroaches

In our area, the cockroaches we see most often are German, American, and Oriental cockroaches. Each is unique in its own way. It is helpful to understand the differences when you consider a strategy to get rid of these pests. Some roaches are far easier to deal with than others.

German cockroaches are challenging pests to eliminate. They thrive inside structures and tolerate dry conditions and food scarcity. A German cockroach is oval, ½ to ⅝ of an inch in length, with two black lines running down the sides. Adult cockroaches have wings that cover the two black lines, leaving an equal sign just below the head.

American cockroaches may present a challenge but are sometimes easier to control as they have a high moisture requirement. You may find it possible to drive these roaches out using humidity control and sanitation. An American cockroach is shiny and brown. It has fully-developed wings that cover its back, leaving a yellow area with two brown dots, below the head. You'll easily distinguish these cockroaches by their size. American roaches are 1 ¼ to 2 ⅛ inches long.

Oriental cockroaches present the greatest health risk. They have the highest moisture requirement of the roaches listed here and prefer to live in exterior environments, which are far too unsanitary to be found indoors. As an exterior cockroach, Oriental roaches are sometimes controlled with exclusion alone. They are black, with wing pads, and about 1 inch long.

If you find a cockroach in your home or business, contact us for professional cockroach pest control. We have the experience to provide you with the highest level of service and we will get the results you want.   

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How We Help You Solve Cockroach Problems

Cockroach control is a complex scientific process that requires a systematic plan. If strict protocols aren't followed, infestations don't just continue; they worsen. Roaches are robust and resilient insects that can survive in harsh habitats. They survive on human food, both fresh and rotting. They eat hair, dead skin cells, wallpaper, documents, clothing, cardboard, feces, and other things that you would not consider food. Worst of all, they are elusive pests with the ability to alter their exoskeletons to protect them from harmful materials. Our pest management professionals have the training and experience to locate, eliminate, and exclude cockroach pests from structures. We use a three-part strategy.


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We inspect your property to identify the cockroaches present and select appropriate products and control methods. Cockroach identification is essential because cockroaches vary in their food and harborage preferences. What works with one species may not work with another. We look for cockroach habitation, routes, entry point, conductive conditions, and other factors that relate to your infestation and share our findings with you.


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We execute your treatment plan following field-tested protocols. The cockroaches are contained and systematically eliminated using a variety of control solutions relevant to your specific infestation. No two infestations are the same, and the products and materials used vary.

Follow Up

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Overson Pest Control is committed to environmentally friendly cockroach pest control in Phoenix. Pest-proofing prevents new cockroaches from entering the structure as the indoor infestation is corrected, and it does this naturally. It is our preference to always use natural solutions first and only use limited and target applications of materials as needed.

When you see signs of cockroaches in your home, contact Overson Pest Control for assistance. Our pest management professionals can guide you in understanding how these insects behave in your home and the risks associated with having cockroach infestations. Cockroaches are frustrating pests that can make you sick and damage your property as you attempt to use DIY cockroach control methods to eliminate them from your home. We also guide you toward a solution that works for you. No two infestations are the same because we live in a variety of homes and work in a variety of commercial spaces. We help families remove cockroaches from houses, apartments, duplexes, condos, and more. If you are a business owner, we can help you select a cockroach control plan that meets all government regulatory standards and gets you ready for audits and inspections, so that you are always open for business.   

How To Keep Cockroaches Out For Good

Once your cockroach infestation is resolved, what comes next? You can check out our blog posts to learn about cockroach prevention and exclusion, or you can get year-round pest control service. Our service plans offer ongoing protection against unwanted pest infestations by applying a barrier treatment around your home, spot treatments in your landscaping, and general pest management around your exterior. Want to find out the specifics? We'd love to speak with you. The service team at Overson Pest Control looks forward to helping you find the right solution for your home or business. 


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