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Keeping Pests Out Of Your Phoenix, AZ Business

For business owners and managers in Phoenix and Gilbert, AZ, a pest problem can spell doom for your bottom line. Not only can treatments be expensive, but the property damage and other issues that pest problems cause can pile up and cost an arm and a leg. Plus, the loss of reputation once word of a pest infestation in your establishment gets out can lead to a dip in profits.

For some businesses like restaurants, bars, and shopping centers, a pest infestation can lead to serious consequences for your company and your customers alike. That's why it's better to make sure your commercial property is fully protected against pest problems in Gilbert, Chandler, and the surrounding areas. Here's how we can help!

Also, learn more about our specialized treatments; bee control, rodent control, scorpion control, and termite control.


Our Commercial Pest Control Process

We know how important your business is, so we tailor our services to match your specific schedule, budget, and needs. Our friendly and professional staff can give you tips on how to better protect your property from pests. We also offer effective treatments that can eliminate pest activity or shield your property against future infestations. No matter what pests you're dealing with or what your property requires, we break our pest control services into three simple steps:


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The first step in effectively treating your pest problem is knowing your property and what your commercial space is used for. This initial inspection will help us determine your level of risk in relation to pest infestations. A thorough inspection by one of our trained technicians will help identify problem spots or existing pest issues.


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Next, we apply whatever treatments are needed to protect your business. These treatments include exterior treatments, traps, and other solutions that eliminate pests and protect you from future problems.

Follow up

technician treating a commercial exterior in mesa arizona
The most important step is the follow-up service that we do a few weeks after applying your treatment. If pests are still a problem, we'll re-apply at no extra charge and keep at it until you're satisfied. It's this attentiveness that makes professional pest control superior to doing this all on your own.

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Facilities We Service

No matter what kind of business you have, you can rely on our proven and effective solutions. Depending on your property's size, we may be able to offer a free estimate over the phone, based on the square footage with no pre-inspection necessary! At Overson Pest Control, our effective pest control treatments and services can help all of the following types of businesses:

Apartment Complexes

Pest problems can hurt your bottom line by damaging your property and discouraging future tenants from choosing your building. We offer pest control services for a wide variety of pests that may target your apartment complex.

Bars & Restaurants

Prime targets for pests because of all the food, a pest infestation in foodservice establishments can be devastating. Our experts know how to meet the unique pest control needs of businesses in the foodservice industry.

Industrial Buildings

Big commercial lots offer pests with lots of areas to hide and nest, so we address infestations there, too.

Office Buildings

People tend to forget that office buildings also provide pests with plenty of food and water as well as furniture and storage areas where pests can hide, so these facilities can benefit from professional pest protection too.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls really have all of the above when it comes to the factors that attract pests and are at risk of pest infestations without protection in place against pests.


Areas with lots of boxes and debris are another good nesting ground for pests. Inspecting the many areas that pests can hide is best left to the pros.

Commercial Pest Control You Can Trust

When selecting a pest control company to protect your business, you're really choosing a partner for the future. That's why at Overson Pest Control, we take our job of shielding your business from pest problems very seriously. We won't just treat your business for existing issues and then forget about you; with us, you've got a partner for life. For true pest prevention you can rely on for your Phoenix, AZ area business, contact Overson Pest Control to see how we can help you.

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