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True Pest Protection for Your Phoenix, AZ Home

Our homes are magnets for pests. Think about it, our homes provide pests with everything that they need to survive: food, water, and shelter. Why wouldn’t they come inside? That’s why diligent and active pest control is necessary to keep pests out of Chandler and Phoenix, AZ homes in the long-term. Partnering with your local pest control experts is the best way to prevent pest problems before they start. At Overson Pest Control, we offer effective and affordable pest control services for the greater Phoenix area to meet all your needs.

Dealing with pests that may not be covered by our general pest control plans? No problem! We offer additional pest-specific treatments for a variety of pests including bee control, rodent control, scorpion control, and termite control.


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Why Pest Control Is The Right Choice For Your Phoenix Home

People often only think about pest problems once they start noticing pests around their property. However, by the time you start seeing pests, it’s probably too late to prevent a pest problem. That’s why it’s always better to be proactive when it comes to pest control rather than simply treating pest problems as they arise.

While there are certain things you can do to reduce the chances of a pest infestation like keeping up with cleaning and regular home maintenance, at-home methods often can't address the many factors that attract pests to your home, making them ineffective at solving the whole problem.

Whether you're talking about insects, rodents, spiders, or other common Phoenix area invaders, these pests can cause big problems for homeowners once they move inside.

Benefits Of Professional Pest Protection

Here are just a few of the potential threats that investing in professional pest control can save you from:


Pests of all types can cause damage to your property, from the stains caused by their droppings to the marks that result from their chewing and scratching. Proper pest control is cheaper than replacing household items or building materials ruined by a pest infestation.


The biggest concern when it comes to pests is the diseases they can spread. From cockroaches and mice to parasites like fleas and ticks, both us and our pets are put at risk of getting seriously sick from prolonged exposure to pests.


Speaking of prolonged exposure, the presence of certain pests in a home can lead to worsened allergies and respiratory illnesses such as asthma caused by their excrement, shed skins, and more.


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Our Home Pest Control Process Actually Works!

People will try all kinds of products or homemade solutions to try and drive pests off their property. These methods are mostly ineffective. Even the ones that work are temporary and don’t address the root of how and why pests are invading. In fact, these ineffective methods can actually make the problem worse and end up costing you more money in the long run. Instead of trying to deal with all those problems all on your own, avoid all the hassle and turn to the easy and effective pest control services from Overson Pest Control.

No matter what pests or attractants are present on your property, here’s what you can expect when you call Overson Pest Control:

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To get started, all we need to know is the size of your residential property, and we’ll provide you with a free estimate right there on the phone. No pre-inspection is necessary.


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This step depends on your specific situation and the unique needs of your home. We apply pest control treatments to the exterior of your home and, if needed, odorless interior treatments as well. Our services also include de-webbing services and baiting for ants.


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We’ll check back with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our service. If the treated pests come back, so do we, free of charge! We offer unlimited free re-servicing and, if we’re not able to get rid of your pest problem, we'll refund the payment of your last service.

Guaranteed Solutions for your Toughest pest problems


Keep Your Phoenix Home Free Of Pests

When it comes to your home, you want nothing but the best in terms of pest protection. At Overson Pest Control, that’s what we offer: the best. We’ve successfully kept Phoenix area homes protected from pests for years, at prices you can afford and with services you can trust. Don’t wait to get started on true pest control for your home; contact Overson Pest Control today.


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