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The Best Way To Stay Safe From Scorpions In Phoenix, AZ

No pests are welcome on your Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa, AZ area property, but the worst ones are those that can cause you physical harm and even put you in the hospital. In the deserts of Arizona, we've got a couple of different kinds of venomous pests to watch out for. We're focusing on one of the most common and the ones that frequently choose to nest in our yards: scorpions.

scorpion in the rocks in mesa arizona

How To Spot Scorpions

While there are several species of native scorpions we specialize in, the most common local scorpion is the Arizona bark scorpion, which is known for its highly venomous, painful stings. While they tend to avoid people and pets, bark scorpions can and will sting if they feel threatened. That's why it's important to be on the lookout for these pests, which you can identify by the following traits:


Also called brown bark scorpions, Arizona bark scorpions typically grow to a few inches in length once fully mature. However, young scorpions can be much smaller, meaning they can fit into tight spaces and even squeeze through cracks in the wall.


Brown bark scorpions get their name from their color and appearance. While they are mostly brown, they can range from light to dark and some can even appear yellow.


Scorpions are generally known for their long curved tails equipped with stingers and their large front claws. While they look quite different from a spider, scorpions are actually arachnids, not insects.

The Dangers Scorpions Bring

One of the biggest problems with scorpions is how hard they are to spot. Not only do they blend in with their surroundings, but they often make underground nests where they hide during the day and only emerge at night to hunt. That means you're not likely to notice the scorpion populations on your Arizona property until it's too late, which can lead to some serious dangers:


Brown bark scorpions blend into the desert's brown stone and sand, so you can easily miss them if you don't know what to look for.


Those who don't notice a scorpion until it's too late often pay the price of their stings. With Arizona bark scorpions, this venom is potent enough to cause serious side effects that require immediate medical attention.


Every pest problem is only made worse by the fact that they breed quickly and in large numbers; scorpions are no different, meaning a few scorpions on your property can quickly turn into a full-on infestation.


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Our Safe & Effective Scorpion control Process

Instead of taking a risk of experiencing the threats that scorpions pose, the best way to stay protected against them is to make sure they never move onto your property in the first place. To do that effectively, you really need the expertise of trained pest control professionals.

At Overson Pest Control, we specialize in keeping bark scorpions out of Phoenix homes and businesses. Not every pest company even offers scorpion control services, but we do! Our effective treatments include the following:


technician inspecting exterior in mesa arizona
We don't just apply general yard treatments; we'll identify exactly where scorpions are nesting and treat those areas directly. That way, any scorpions that we don't catch will still come into contact with the solution once they return to their nests.


technician treating exterior in mesa arizona
We can offer next-day servicing, and our residential treatments typically take about an hour. We'll work around your schedule and aim to be non-disruptive to your daily routine.


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We'll come back 30 days after your initial service to ensure that your scorpion problem is gone. If any re-servicing is necessary, we'll re-apply at no extra cost!

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The best time to take action to make surd your property is protected from scorpions is right now. Whether you already have a scorpion problem or you simply want to make sure they don't become one, you should contact the experts at Overson Pest Control right away. We can schedule a thorough inspection of your property, looking for evidence of scorpions or factors that might attract them.

If scorpions are already there, you can trust our safe and fast-acting treatments to eliminate them and protect your property from future invasions. For the kind of pest control that completely protects you from venomous pests, contact us to get started with effective Phoenix pest control services today!


Is your property overrun with scorpions? We can help!

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