When you hear an unexpected noise, adrenaline shoots through your body as you enter a fight or flight mode. In addition to surprising sounds, other things scare us, like unusual-looking creatures. Perhaps you've seen videos of weird animals or someone supposedly capturing a ghost on film, and the whole experience was unnerving to watch.

Have you had the opposite effect? In other words, you got up in the middle of the night after hearing the bump and realized that a broom had fallen over, and it was nothing. Or, maybe you researched the oddity you saw on video and realized there was a natural explanation.

Scorpions are creatures that many find unnerving and scary, so when they appear in the yard, there is panic and fear. Before making a rash decision, the first thing you should do is get pest control in Phoenix from Overson Pest Control. As a local, family-owned company with over ten years of combined experience, we know how to remove scorpions. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you don't have to be afraid to tackle the scorpion around your home.

To help you in your fight against scorpions, we wrote this article to clear up confusion about this elusive creature. As you continue reading, you will learn about scorpion habits, behaviors, and characteristics and why they can be potentially dangerous to household members and pets. Of course, we won't leave you with no options, but we will conclude with six tips to keep scorpions away. So, please keep reading to learn more.

Understanding The Common Scorpion

Let's begin with the characteristics and features of scorpions in Phoenix as we unravel the mystical scorpion. Just like spiders, ticks, and mites, scorpions are arachnids. Although some confuse arachnids and insects, the following is a list of distinctions:

  • Insects have six jointed legs, but arachnids have eight.
  • Insects may or may not have wings, but arachnids do not possess wings.
  • Insects have three body parts, but arachnids have only a cephalothorax and an abdomen.
  • Insects have two antennae, but arachnids do not have these; instead, they have body parts that act as sensors.
  • Insects have two compound eyes, but arachnids have one to six pairs of simple eyes.

Both insects and arachnids produce eggs and have exterior skeletons that they shed at each growth stage.

Spiders are probably the other arachnid many confuse with scorpions, so what makes scorpions different? Although they share the same features as spiders, scorpions have a segmented tail with a stinger and a pedipalp, which function like claws. Of course, spiders do not have pinchers, a stinger, or a tail. Unlike spiders, scorpions do not have spinnerets and cannot create webs.

Insects, spiders, centipedes, grasshoppers, and other scorpions are dinner for most scorpions. Since scorpions don't use webs to capture prey, how do they get their food? Scorpions have tiny hairs that detect ground vibrations from nearby prey, and when they are near, the scorpion darts out from its burrow beneath a rock or log and grabs the unsuspecting creatures. When the scorpion catches its meal, it tears it apart using its claw-like pedipalps; if the scorpion's future dinner is too difficult to control, it will sting the creature and inject paralyzing venom to subdue it. Since they don't like the excessive Arizona heat, scorpions hunt at night.

Many people do not think they have a scorpion problem until they walk barefoot in their yard at night and suddenly experience a painful sting. Most people do not realize they have scorpions because most Arizona scorpions hide from noonday heat and sun by hiding underneath logs, stones, and bark where it is cool and moist. However, the common Arizona bark scorpion can climb and take refuge in trees or high on rock walls.

Even though you now may understand the common scorpion, we know you don't want them in your Phoenix yard, so you need scorpion control from Overson Pest Control. After we treat your property, you can enjoy a walk in your yard without fear of scorpion stings.

The Potential Dangers Of A Scorpion's Sting

Have you heard the phrase, "His bark is bigger than his bite"? This saying applies to the least common scorpion in our area, the Arizona giant hairy scorpion. This scorpion is a "giant" because its six-inch brown body is almost twice the length of the different types of scorpions in the area. Due to its size, the Arizona giant hairy scorpion preys not only on other scorpions but attacks lizards. Although this scorpion appears deadly due to its dimensions, a sting from it feels like a bee sting and causes only local swelling.

Yellow ground, bark, and striped-tailed are the other scorpion species that invade properties in Phoenix. Yellow ground scorpions have a two to three-inch light tan to brownish body. Like the Arizona giant hairy scorpion, its sting is painful but does not harm humans unless the person has extreme sensitivity. The fast-moving Arizona striped-tailed scorpion has the same size and coloring as yellow ground scorpions but with two dark brown stripes along the ridges of its tail. Like the other three scorpions mentioned so far, a sting from this scorpion is painful but does have lasting effects.

The one scorpion whose sting is damaging is the Arizona bark scorpion. This dangerous scorpion is similar in size and coloring to the yellow ground and striped-tailed scorpions, but its sting is more powerful. A sting from this scorpion can trigger vomiting and illness for up to three days. Unfortunately, this is the most common scorpion species to invade homes in the Phoenix area.

Fortunately, scorpions do not attack people; they will run and hide if possible. A sting usually occurs when one accidentally steps on a scorpion or disturbs rocks or logs while working in the yard. Although an Arizona bark scorpion is the only one to fear, no one wants to be stung by the other three, just like no one desires to be stung by a wasp.

To eliminate the scorpions in your Phoenix yard and avoid being stung, you need Overson Pest Control to get rid of scorpions on your property. Our process eradicates scorpions in the burrows where they live so they don't enter your home.

Six Simple And Successful Scorpion Prevention Tips

A fun fact about scorpions is that they appear to glow a bright bluish under a UV light. Unless you want to shine a UV flashlight around when you walk in the yard after dark so you can dodge the scorpions, you need to find ways to keep them off your property. Once the pest management professionals from Overson Pest Control remove scorpions from your Phoenix home, here are six easy tips to keep scorpions away:

  1. Remove wood piles
  2. Eliminate debris in the yard
  3. Clear landscape timbers and stones from the property
  4. Store firewood 20 feet away from the house and elevate it five inches
  5. Seal cracks in the foundation with caulk
  6. Repair screens on doors and windows

Remember, spiders feed on insects, and scorpions eat both. So, to keep potential prey away from your Phoenix property, also provide proper drainage to ditches, gutters, and puddles to minimize moisture and standing water, which attracts mosquitoes and spiders. Keep the property clean by eliminating debris and junk and removing rotting fruit and animal feces since these things also attract insects, spiders, and other prey for scorpions.

When you contact Overson Pest Control about the scorpions in Phoenix on your property, a pest management specialist will provide other prevention suggestions specific to your situation. We will also alert you to access points and attractants so you can take appropriate action to prevent a future infestation.

The Best Scorpion Control Solutions For Phoenix Properties

While others offer scorpion services, Overson Pest Control provides the best scorpion control in Phoenix. You don't have to schedule an inspection and wait for a quote before we can begin. Instead, we will gather information when you call, give you a quote over the phone, and explain our warranties.

When you are ready to have us remove the scorpions, we will send a trained pest management specialist to your location. Upon arrival, we inspect the interior and exterior to discover scorpion hiding places and breeding areas. We will then treat those areas with a product that eliminates stinging pests. When the scorpions retreat to these areas, they contact the product, and it destroys them. Because scorpions hide under logs, stones, and tree bark, we know that a liquid product may not be able to penetrate every corner, so we also use a dust treatment.

The entire treatment process takes about one hour. Thirty days after the initial treatment, a pest management specialist will return to ensure no more scorpions are active on your Phoenix property. Contact us today to learn more about our scorpion removal services and get your free quote. There is no need to be afraid of scorpions in your yard when you have Overson Pest Control.

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