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Why invest in termite protection with Overson Pest Control?

Because of their wood-destroying habits, termites are some of the least desirable pests around. That's saying something since no pest is exactly welcome on our properties. To avoid the serious damage that termites can inflict, you really need professional pest control methods that account for all the ways that termite colonies form. Offering effective residential and commercial extermination services, the best choice for termite control in Phoenix and Chandler, AZ is Overson Pest Control.

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What You Should Know About Termites

Termites are small, wood-boring pests that form tunnels underground. They chew through wooden materials, typically first starting with outdoor food sources and then moving toward structures. It's because our homes and businesses provide them with a treasure trove of wood to feed on that termites are such common pests that Phoenix property owners have to contend with.

Once termites move into a yard, they can quickly cause the following problems:


Of course, most people already know that termites can cause serious damage. However, most people don't realize just how hidden the signs of this damage can be, which is why professional inspections offer you the best chance of catching an infestation early.

Plant Health

A termite infestation usually starts outside, meaning they will target trees, bushes, and other plants. This attack not only harms the plants themselves, but their tunnels can lead to soil collapses that create other landscaping nightmares for property owners.


Termites behave a lot like ants, dividing their tasks between workers, soldiers, and reproductive members. That means they invade in truly massive numbers, and a fast-growing colony only intensifies the other serious problems they pose.

Do-It-Yourself Doesn't Work

Because of these serious problems, people often try to clamp down on a termite problem by themselves right away. While this is understandable, it's not a very good way to fully eliminate your termite problem or avoid the costly damage that termites cause.

From essential oils to store-bought treatments, even effective measures likely won't address the subterranean termite colonies that are the real source of the problem. That means at-home or DIY methods are really just band-aids that cover up the problem and leave you with a false sense of security. By the time you realize you didn't fully eliminate the problem, it probably means that termite damage is already extensive.


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Our termite ControL Process

The only way to quickly and effectively eliminate a termite population that's already forming on your property is with professional pest control methods. At Overson Pest Control, we offer treatment of subterranean termites using the following:


termite mud tunnels found in a home
First, we look for signs of termite damage or mud tunnels that indicate their activity. We'll check around your yard and the exterior of your home and, if necessary, the interior of your home as well.


in home termite treatments in mesa arizona
Our treatments are applied directly to the afflicted areas to eliminate the source of the termites, not just the noticeable ones. These treatments may include soil injections, indoor treatment or perimeter treatments, depending on your situation.


a company truck
Our termite control services come with a two-year warranty, which you can choose to extend every year if you wish.

How Much Should Termite Control Cost?

The price you pay for termite control depends on the services rendered. While some pest control companies offer basic solutions, others provide 360-degree defense with customer education and a two-year warranty.

Overson Pest Control offers competitive termite control with seasonal coupons to help you get more with less. In addition to our soil injections, indoor applications, and perimeter treatments, we also offer a pest-free guarantee so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

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How Do I Control Termites?

The most effective way to control termites yourself is to prevent infestations from settling down in the first place. This requires the removal of soil-to-wood contact, sealing cracks and gaps, and reducing moisture in your home.

Keep in mind DIY termite control could result in serious side effects. The best way to control termites already inside your home is to rely on professional-grade solutions from Overson Pest Control.

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Can I Do My Own Termite Control?

The truth is that DIY termite control is rarely effective for homeowners. Not only could it be an expensive option and difficult to manage on your own, but it may also serve as a ‘band-aid’ solution to a much larger and more complex problem.

Overson Pest Control assists hundreds of homeowners with the quick and effective removal of termites. Offering cutting-edge products from some of the biggest names in termite management, we have everything you need to control these pests with certainty.

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Rather than assuming you don't have a termite problem, let's make sure you don't. With a thorough inspection of your property by the trained professionals at Overson Pest Control, we can catch the often subtle signs of a termite infestation before it's too late.

We not only look for signs of termite damage or activity directly, but we also check for the factors that might attract pests to your yard. From there, we help you keep up on proper pest control by providing tips to address attractants and effective pest control treatments that completely ward off pests like termites.

Whether you need fast removal of a termite colony that's already there or defense against a future infestation, Overson Pest Control is your all-around pest control expert. Contact us today to get started on proper pest defense for your property!


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