What do you plan to do when you retire? Do you imagine kicking back next to the pool with a fruity drink, talking on the phone with a constructor, discussing just how much of your retirement savings you're going to have to dump into termite repair? That's not really how you envision your retirement, is it? Unfortunately, our expectations often don't match reality. But you can increase your odds of having the retirement you envision. The first step is to take control of the threat termites can present. When you invest in termite protection, you decide how much termites will cost you. There are no surprises. There are no unexpected expenses as you begin your retirement. In fact, you can put the cost into your budget right now and forget about it.

An Ounce Of Protection

When you get into your car, long before you put your seatbelt on, you're already protected. Your car insurance guards you against the unexpected. If you get into a crash and someone is seriously hurt, your insurance pays for it. Termite control offers this kind of protection, but it doesn't quite work this way. Imagine driving down the road and seeing a man in an orange road guard vest waving you to the side of the road. Now imagine that man explaining to you that there is a threat up ahead and that they have a team working to remove the threat. Within seconds, you're on your way, and the road is clear. No accident. No injury. That's how termite damage prevention works.

Termite Inspections

The first step in termite damage prevention is a professional inspection. This is done annually to detect termites. Can you do this inspection yourself? Yes. But, not only is it difficult to detect termites, life can get busy. It is easy to put aside important tasks such as a routine termite inspection. When you invest in termite services from Overson Pest Control, you don't have to think about termite inspections. You have a qualified professional performing routine inspections to look for termite activity, warning signs, and conducive conditions.

How hard is it to detect termites? It depends on thetype of termites that attack your property.

Drywood Termites — When drywood termites attack your property, you may see their dry, hard feces on your window sills or floors. You may also see holes that have been created by these insects. But you may not see any evidence. Drywood termites can push their droppings out into wall voids and other hidden spaces. If they do this, the signs are far more subtle. A professional understands the habits and habitats of drywood termites and knows where to find evidence that is difficult to detect. When they find it, they act like that road guard in our car analogy. They let you know there is a threat and what is required to address the threat before drywood termites are able to damage your home and cost you an arm and a leg. This type of termite damage protection requires year-round pest control service and routine inspections throughout the year.

Subterranean Termites — When your property is attacked by subterranean termites, it can be extremely difficult to know. It is so difficult that termite control professionals offer perimeter protection options to stop these termites at the ground before they can harm your property. This service comes with an annual inspection. But the inspection is mostly just an added precaution. Your termite control professional knows how long the liquid product should last and will schedule retreatments as necessary. But, subterranean termites are tricky insects. If they find a way to get past the defensive barrier, your technician will know it. Licensed professionals are trained to inspect key locations for shelter tubes, shed wings from swarmers, wood damage, and the presence of termite activity. You'll also be informed if there are conducive conditions, such as wood piles on the ground, stumps, logs, and other attractants.

Termite Control

When you invest in ongoing termite control for your property, it doesn't act like insurance. While our service comes with a two-year warranty that covers damage repair, we work hard to never have to pay for damage. Our goal is to prevent damage from happening. Like the road guard, we want to see the danger ahead of time and help you avoid it. It's better than insurance.

If you live in Phoenix, reach out to Overson Pest Control and discuss your options. We'll guide you toward the right termite control solution. There are many threats that can negatively impact your life and cause hardship. Let us help you cross termite damage off the list. Connect with us today for immediate assistance. We're here to help.

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