Have you had the experience of purchasing a bookcase or TV stand that you had to assemble? You get the package home, open the box, and lay out the parts. When you survey the bags filled with screws, nuts, and bolts alongside the wood and metal components, a temporary sense of anxiety grips your soul. For a few moments, you feel overwhelmed by the task before you.

When we face something beyond our expertise or experience, it is easy to feel overcome with fear. We know we need to address the problem and find a solution, but we don't always know where to start and what to do. Looking out the window at the backyard of your Phoenix home and seeing scorpions in the yard can create that same sense of anxiety. You want to be able to walk barefoot in the grass or at least feel comfortable about hosting outdoor activities but feel afraid because scorpions are milling around on your property.

Whether learning about a new computer, assembling a TV stand, or facing scorpions, the first step when you feel overwhelmed is to find help. Regarding scorpions, you need the family-owned and operated Phoenix pest control company, Overson Pest Control. With over a decade of experience, our locally owned company knows how to stop scorpions from invading your house. As a recipient of the Angie's List Super Service Award (2019), you can rest assured we will provide you with top-quality customer service and complete satisfaction.

This article will provide pertinent information to help you not feel overwhelmed by scorpions on your property. After reading this blog, you will better understand scorpions and what you can do to keep them away from your property. So, please keep reading.

Understanding The Common Scorpion

When we think about yard pests, insects and arachnids are the primary culprits. What is the difference between the two classifications? Insects and arachnids have external skeletons (exoskeletons) they must shed to grow (molt), segmented bodies, and jointed legs.

Although insects and arachnids are similar in many ways, they have differences. Most arachnids have four pairs of legs, but insects have only three; arachnids have two body segments (cephalothorax and abdomen), but insects have three (head, thorax, and abdomen). Unlike insects, arachnids do not have antennae and may not have eyes or only one to six pairs of eyes, while insects have two compound eyes. Many insects have wings, but arachnids do not have wings.

What are scorpions? Scorpions are arachnids, which means they have the following characteristics:

  • Two body segments
  • No wings
  • No antennae
  • An exoskeleton

However, additional characteristics unique to scorpions are their large pincers and tail with a stinger.

Scorpions are active at night (nocturnal) and during the day. They live in burrows underneath rocks, stones, bark, yard debris, etc. Although scorpions in our country are primarily in the arid climates of the Southwest United States, they require some moisture; therefore, they often live near plumbing, condensers, and air conditioning units. Four Arizona scorpions are problematic for Phoenix homeowners: the Arizona stripe-tailed scorpion, Arizona bark scorpion, Arizona giant hairy scorpion, and yellow ground scorpion.

The Arizona stripe-tailed scorpion is so-named because of the dark brown line on its tail. This light tan to brownish, fast-moving species is just under three inches and lives near water sources. The longest scorpion in the area is the Arizona giant hairy scorpion, also known as the Arizona hairy scorpion or the desert hairy scorpion. This species has yellow legs and a brown body and grows to a length of 5 1/2 inches.

The yellow ground scorpion has a yellow body and grows to the same length as the Arizona stripe-tailed (about three inches) but has a bulkier tail. This species likes to burrow in sandy soil under stones and logs.

The Arizona bark scorpion is the most infamous of the four. Arizona bark scorpions are three inches from tip to tail and have a yellow body with two horizontal dark lines running the length of the body. Of the four Arizona scorpions, the Arizona bark scorpions are the most dangerous to homeowners.

No matter what type of scorpion is in your yard, you need to get rid of scorpions by using Overson Pest Control. Where other companies fail, we succeed in removing scorpions from your land so you can enjoy outdoor activities without worry.

The Potential Dangers Of A Scorpion's Sting

All scorpions sting, but not all stings are created equal. Scorpions eat spiders, centipedes, lizards, bats, grasshopper mice, other insects, rodents, and arachnids. When a scorpion senses ground vibrations from a potential victim, it runs and seizes it using its pincers (pedipalps). Once it has captured its prey, it uses its chelicerae or mouthparts to eat it. When the victim is too large to subdue with its pedipalps long enough to eat it, it stings the prey to paralyze it so it can begin the eating process.

Scorpions do not attack people but will attempt to flee. However, if one accidentally steps on or corners a scorpion, it will sting in self-defense. The venom in the Arizona stripe-tailed, Arizona giant hairy, and yellow ground scorpions produces a painful sting equivalent to a wasp or bee sting. Some people experience swelling and numbness at the wound site, but it usually dissipates in 24 hours. If a person with high allergic sensitivity is stung, the results may be more severe and require medical attention. However, an attack from an Arizona bark scorpion may be problematic for all individuals, not just those with an allergic sensitivity.

Arizona bark scorpions have a high concentration of lethal venom and are the most dangerous scorpion in the state. A wound from this species triggers convulsions, drooling, breathing difficulties, staggering, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and general illness for up to three days after the incident. Seek immediate medical attention if you are stung by an Arizona bark scorpion.

The best way to avoid scorpions in Phoenix is to secure scorpion removal services from Overson Pest Control. We will treat your property to clear scorpions and protect your family and pets from potentially harmful stings.

Factors That Attract Scorpions To Your Property

No one wants to walk into the yard at dusk and see scorpions scurrying away. You don't want to lay on your hammock late at night and enjoy a warm evening breeze only to see and hear scorpions moving beneath you. After all, you have to get up at some point and walk back into the house, and the last thing you want to do is get stung by a scorpion trying to defend itself from your foot.

Like all creatures, scorpions need food, water, and shelter to survive. So, to avoid inadvertently stepping on a scorpion and feeling its wrath, you should remove the following in your Phoenix yard:

  • Rocks, wood scraps, leaf piles, and debris
  • Trays, old tires, playsets, or anything that traps water
  • Overgrown or dense vegetation

Trimming trees and bushes to allow for better airflow will deter scorpions by reducing moisture in the yard. If you store firewood, elevating it several inches will allow for airflow and stop scorpions from using it as a hiding place.

Since scorpions feed on insects, rodents, and other arachnids, maintaining a clean, dry yard will deter these creatures from living on your land; when prey is not abundant, scorpions will seek another location. Scorpions will likely not enter your house if you remove attractants from your property because they will not be around your home.

When you contact Overson Pest Control for scorpion control in Phoenix, a pest management professional from our team will identify attractants to your property and entry points into your home.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions And Keep Them Away

Removing scorpion attractants from your yard will deter future infestations, but if scorpions are on your property now, you need Overson Pest Control. The last thing you need is to get stung while trying to clear your property to stop future invasions.

Before implementing prevention steps to avoid a future problem, begin the removal process by contacting Overson Pest Control. When we arrive to treat your location, a pest management professional will investigate your yard to determine attracting factors and the hiding locations scorpions are using. We apply a treatment to scorpion nesting and breeding areas on the property that will kill the scorpions. If scorpions are not hiding in those areas, they will die upon contact with the product when they return to the treated area. In addition to liquid treatments, we use a dust product to puff their burrows and kill scorpions hiding inside. We will follow up to ensure the scorpions are no longer a problem 30 days after your initial service.

Because scorpions attract other scorpions through pheromone trails, we offer recurring treatment plans to ensure they stay away from your Phoenix property permanently. The best way to eradicate the different types of scorpions in your yard is to contact Overson Pest Control. Contact us today to learn about our warranties and treatment plan options and get started.

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