A Useful Wasp Prevention Guide For Phoenix Property Owners

wasp nest

Wasps are common pests that aren't afraid to sting and can make spending time outdoors dangerous. The best way to handle a wasp problem is to avoid one in the first place. Learn more about these stinging pests, how to keep them away, and what to do if you find a nest. For safe wasp pest control in Phoenix, call our team at Overson Pest Control.

The Life Cycle Of Common Wasps

There are different types of wasps, but their life cycle is similar for almost every type. All types of wasps live in colonies, and each colony has the same caste system: one queen lays eggs and many male and female wasps serve as workers. The life cycle of common wasps begins in spring, at the beginning of a new colony. A queen wasp will find an area where she can build a nest. 

Wasp nests are made up of cells created from wood and saliva. A queen wasp will lay her eggs inside of these cells, and those eggs will grow to become the first worker wasps. Each wasp will go through their metamorphosis (starting as an egg, then transforming into larvae, pupa, and adult wasps) while in a cell of the wasp nest. The adult wasps then build the rest of the nest, raise new young, and forage for food. Meanwhile, the queen will produce 200-300 eggs each day.

During the summer, a wasp nest will grow incredibly fast. A nest that previously held around 5,000 wasps can now hold double the amount. During autumn, the queen will die and the colony will begin to die down. The wasps that are still alive will usually seek out sugary or rotten foods, and the new queens will leave the nest. Finally, between late autumn and winter, the entire colony will die.

The Dangers Wasps Can Cause On Your Property

Wasp identification can be tricky but know that regardless of what kind of wasp is on your property, they are all dangerous pests to allow near you. They come with many problems, which are often underestimated by homeowners. Wasps are aggressive pests that make sure to protect their nest. If you, a loved one, or a pet gets too close to a wasp nest, they most likely will attack.

Unlike bees, wasps don't just sting once, they can use their stingers to attack you multiple times. They also tend to attack while in groups, which can ultimately seriously injure or kill you. Additionally, if you or someone you know is allergic to wasps, one single sting is enough to create a severe reaction or even death. If you need wasp nest removal in Phoenix, get in touch with our team for professional help.

Five Naturally Effective Wasp Prevention Tips

Even if you're lucky enough to have a wasp-free home, you'll still want to keep wasp prevention in mind. Here are five naturally effective wasp prevention tips that you can implement in your Phoenix home:

  1. Get rid of food, crumbs, and unsealed trash cans. Wasps can be attracted to things like rotting fruit and sugary drinks. Removing food and drinks from the vicinity will help keep wasps away.
  2. Cover any cracks in wood or other materials. This will help prevent wasps from building a nest near or on your home.
  3. Make wasp traps. You can make wasp traps by modifying empty bottles or jugs. Add sugary fruit scraps or sugary drinks and some dish soap. The soap will trap the wasps and make them sink.
  4. Remove any wasp nests when wasps are least active, usually around dawn and in early spring.
  5. Spray peppermint oil on any wasp nests when they are least active. Again, try to do this around dawn and during early spring.

The best way to prevent wasps from entering your home is by contacting professionals.

Contact The Pros For The Safe Removal Of Wasps From Your Property

For the best wasp removal service in Phoenix, contact the professionals at Overson Pest Control today. We care about our customers and their safety, and always use top-brand products to use in and around your home. Overson Pest Control is a name you can trust. Give us a call today!