Three Early Warning Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Phoenix Home

January 15, 2021

This may be hard to believe, but insects are just as dangerous as animals. In some cases, they are even more lethal. Their often dainty size is no indication of the amount of trouble they can bring. Bugs commonly carry germs that cultivate human illnesses. Beyond this, several species can directly transmit diseases. Cockroaches, for instance, are an extremely icky threat.

a german cockroach infestataion

Cockroaches are so gross, they can contaminate food and surfaces. Keeping them out is an immense challenge, as their flexible bodies get them past small cracks and crevices. Furthermore, they can reproduce rather rapidly. You may come across their infestation signs before you ever spot them though; especially since they are usually nocturnal. Know what the three key clues are and how you can prevent cockroaches in Phoenix with Overson Pest Control.

Sign #1 Finding Waste

Two prevailing species in the area are German and oriental cockroaches; they have reputations for incessantly entering homes and businesses. German insects that have matured are 0.51 to 0.62 of an inch long, with brown or tan bodies. They have wings, but they don’t use them that much. Meanwhile, their black-colored young have no wings. Both age groups have horizontal black bands in the rear of their heads.

Oriental cockroaches have condensed figures with silky, reddish-brown skin. Their wings are inanimate. In terms of size, these pests are 0.98 of an inch long. An alternate nickname they have is “water bugs,” since they heavily rely on the liquid. The dependence moves them to surround gutters, storm drains, utilities, and other similar sources. If they don’t get indoors through these avenues, they’ll creep in through doors, windows, and foundation gaps. Then, they will settle in sinks, cabinets, structural voids, and garbage cans.

Additional cockroach traits that will be helpful to know about are: 

  • They fester near-natural matter, organic debris, and water
  • They hide in breaks in concrete 
  • They nest in places that are difficult to reach

As a cockroach takeover develops, evidence of their presence in the form of waste will be left around your space. When these insects reach adulthood, they shed their skin or exoskeleton. You’re bound to find the specks just about anywhere. Staining fecal droppings will be grainy if it’s from a small bug. Solid and circular turds are the product of a bigger subspecies. The shading and length will vary. Cockroach pellets, urine, and saliva contain harmful bacteria. Their bodies are also covered in microbes. Humans may contract gastroenteritis, salmonella, pathogens, and viruses from these critters and have allergic reactions.

Sign #2 Discovering Eggs & Casings

All cockroach eggs don't look the same, but many are about 1 inch long. They’re usually in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Sign #3 Smelling Bad Odors

Offensive, musty odors will dominate the air as cockroaches emit their communication chemicals and secretions.

Cockroach Prevention & Overson Pest Control Extermination

Doing the following will discourage cockroach populations:  

  • Seal holes in utilities, foundations, windows, and doors
  • Repair moisture malfunctions and leaks right away 
  • Attach sweeps to all doors that face the outside 
  • Mow the lawn and trim greenery often. Sit plants two feet from the property
  • Flush out gutters and drains on a routine basis 
  • Put food and garbage in airtight containers 
  • Take out the trash, wash dishes, and vacuum regularly 

Don’t bother trying to use commercial insecticides to get rid of cockroaches. They tend to make issues worse, such as causing the critters to spread out widely. If the pricey products aren’t frail and ineffective, they’re too hazardous. We at Overson Pest Control have industrial-grade treatments that are safe. Our highly trained technicians will find and address nests and entryways for lasting results. Get started with a free quote when you call us at Overton Pest Control today!


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