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How To Keep Moths Out Of My Closet In Phoenix

moth on paper

Moths can cause property damage around Phoenix, Arizona homes. To keep your Phoenix, Arizona home free of these pesky insects, learn how to prevent them in this guide. Read More

How to Tell If Lawn Pests Have Made Their Way Onto Your…

gopher in burrow

Today, we're going to talk about how you can tell which of these two pests you have, what is important to know about them, and what other lawn pests can make you think you have a gopher or a mole. Read More

Phoenix’s Ultimate Guide To Subterranean Termite Control

subterranean termite crawling on wood

With the reward of beautiful and vibrant sunsets, the heat is a small price to pay. Another occupant of Phoenix who also embraces the heat is the subterranean termite, and they are a dangerous pest… Read More

What Attracts Mosquitoes In Phoenix, AZ?

mosquito on a plant in a phoenix yard

You may be wondering, "What attracts mosquitoes?". The short answer is: your blood. Over the years, there have been countless home remedies created to keep these little bloodsuckers at bay, but none… Read More

Six No-Nonsense Spider Control Tips For Phoenix, AZ…

black widow spider on a web in a phoenix home

Here in Arizona, we’re no strangers to scary arachnids—after all, we do have around 30 species of scorpions in our state. Sometimes we’re so focused on protecting ourselves from the dangerous… Read More

Are The Crickets In Phoenix Harmful To Humans?

cricket in phoenix az kitchen

People don’t often consider crickets dangerous. While their chirping sounds are often used as a short-hand for boredom or sleepiness, the truth is that dealing with a cricket infestation is anything… Read More


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