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Pest Control In Carefree, AZ

Carefree is a small town northwest of Phoenix. The area’s most well-known attraction is Frontier Town in nearby Cave Creek, featuring an 1870s western town with stores and events. Carefree has several businesses and restaurants that provide plenty of resources for residents.

In addition to housing thousands of residents, various pests call Carefree home. These creatures invade structures to find food and water or hide from predators. When they invade buildings, they can cause damage and spread illnesses, making them a community threat. Carefree, AZ pest control professionals can protect you from these issues.

Overson Pest Control provides expert pest services for residents of Carefree and other Maricopa County communities. We can eliminate infestations and close entry points to protect your home or business.

Residential Pest Control In Carefree

Many pests struggle to survive in Carefree because of its desert climate. It lacks food and water, but several predators cause the need for somewhere to hide. Many houses in the area provide food, water, and hiding places; however, while they stay in your home, they can cause damage and spread pathogens that can make you sick.

At Overson Pest Control, our pest management professionals have the tools to eliminate infestations in your home. Our residential pest control services start with a quote over the phone, and we use odorless products inside, treating any spaces with baseboards. We’ll treat three feet up and out from your home, bait for ants, and remove spider webs.

Our services include a money-back guarantee, so we’ll return to your home if you see pests. When you sign up for recurring services, we'll visit for free between scheduled treatments. Call us today to protect your home from Carefree pests.


How Dangerous Are Scorpions In Carefree?

scorpion crawling on a rock

Scorpions prefer warm and dry climates, so Arizona provides the perfect habitat. For this reason, the state is well known as a primary home for these arachnids. These creatures usually invade buildings to find prey, mainly consisting of insects. In addition to causing trouble themselves, scorpions on your property indicate other pest infestations.

These pests usually only sting when threatened, so you’re safe if you avoid them. However, you might accidentally disturb them if you don't recognize their presence. Fortunately, their stings aren’t medically dangerous for most people, only causing mild symptoms.

Scorpion stings to children can cause more significant problems that might require medical attention, including:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Muscle twitching
  • Uncontrollable movements
  • Sweating
  • Drooling
  • Nausea

You can avoid these symptoms by calling Overson Pest Control to get rid of scorpions. Our pest management professionals will find nests and breeding spots and treat those areas. The scorpions will return and contact the product, eliminating the infestation.

We’ll return to your home 30 days after our initial visit to check for scorpions and provide additional help if necessary. Since scorpions are common in Arizona, we provide recurring services and free visits between scheduled services. Give us a call to eliminate scorpions in your Carefree home.

How Can I Tell If My Carefree Home Is At Risk For Termites?

termites and larvae in mud tube

Termites are dangerous insects around Carefree homes because they eat wood and travel hidden. These pests live in the soil and use mud tunnels to reach structures. When they get inside, they’ll infest wood and eat it from the inside out. It can take months or years for visible damage to appear and impact the structural integrity of your home.

Termites consume cellulose, a primary component of wood. They’ll eat various materials that contain cellulose, but wood is prevalent in homes. They also look for moisture because it indicates a humid environment. Some of the things that can make your home attractive to termites include:

  • Wood-to-soil contact
  • Spaces in your exterior
  • Leaky pipes
  • Improper drainage

When termites invade your house, termite control professionals can remove them. Overson Pest Control will inspect your exterior for mud tunnels and entry points. We’ll look inside for damage, drill holes into infected areas, and inject termiticide to eliminate the pests.

Our termite services include a two-year warranty you can extend annually. Let us know if you want to protect your Carefree home from termites.

Commercial Pest Control In Carefree

Commercial facilities come in all shapes and sizes but are attractive to pests. These creatures invade buildings for food and shelter, so kitchens and storage rooms make ideal places to feed or hide from predators. They can also come out at night when the building’s empty, causing damage and spreading pathogens that create health concerns.

Our team at Overson Pest Control will provide a quote over the phone for small facilities but will need to inspect larger ones. We’ll walk around your exterior and ask about anything you see in your building. We provide quick and effective commercial pest control services to solve your problem and avoid disrupting your operations.

Pests can cause significant problems for businesses. Fortunately, Overson Pest Control is here to help. Contact us to keep pests out of your Carefree business.


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